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Forum Rules / New Security Measures
Last post by fishy9890 -
Hello Everyone Guests etc.

We have take new security measures to keep the forum secure any posts below a certain amount are given a captcha to solve to post. You will need to do this and delete the text in the field for security. We are hoping this does not change things and make you not want to post we just want to be sure everyone's privacy and accounts are secure. We hope you understand and are happy about that if you post 3 posts or more you will be able to not have to do that again.
Forum Rules / Forum Rules
Last post by fishy9890 -
Here are the forum rules. Following them will be a good idea it is for everyone's benefit not just ours.

In order to join the forum you must be 18 years old or older. Anyone who is caught or is reported to the admin will be removed.

You must post anything 18+ content wise questionable content will be removed by the admins and mods of the forum.

You will not harass or make false accounts and only have one account per person.

If you have issues with things such as account related issues you will either contact an admin by here or email: fishy9890 (@)

Any content posted is by YOU and not us we will do our best to moderate things and keep things safe and working perfectly. But you are using this forum at your own risk by the content and links you see and go to outside of our forum.

All links not admin approved must be in hxxp or hxxps format not the other way a normal link would be like http or https posting the direct link can get you banned after so many warnings.

The old forum moved to     it is not working and will be fixed and restored if you have questions and need something off the database ask an admin about it as we have access to it despite the site not working. Due to personal information on the old forum we will not be giving everyone access to it for that reason at this current time.
Forum Rules / Recent Forum Issues
Last post by fishy9890 -
Hello Everyone,

Due to recent forum issues with the older software having issues. I had to clone the install of the old one into a sub domain of this domain to make it easier and try to fix it asap. All posts are still there and content to as well. I will try to dumb all the text at some point onto this forum. So it should help a lot.

If you have any questions feel free to PM me about it.