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Forum Rules / Re: Important Information (Registration)
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This is to notify you that if you signed up and did not get a email you may try to login based on the information you provided as you should get an account within a reasonable time. If you have issues feel free to email asking.
Important Server News / Re: Discord Disclaimer (Not published by Server Owners)
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Discord server will not be an official method of communication nor will it be approved by me. As stated above you will see why. I do not want to promote a service that is against adult content. Since they are marking things falsely and it is not how it should be.

The only real method that we will support is similar to slack called Pumble. Which is in the works and should be much more secure and the app works much better.

Any Discord server that other users own is not for use as a official server of our actual website. Any mods that make one is not actually supported by me and there will not be a official link for the Discord posted as a login to view link.

Important Server News / Discord Disclaimer (Not published by Server Owners)
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Hello All,

This is a disclaimer saying we will not be held responsible for any interactions you have on others servers. All things that happen to your account is on you not any owner of the server (Fishy9890). Any other admin/mod who makes one or user is not endorsed by us and you are doing so at your own risk.

DIscord does not welcome birth content and we will not be using the platform as our official method for this forum.

Any questions feel free to get in touch about this. We have moved to a new web host as well. So the website will be considered enterprise. So we plan for it to grow in the nest
Forum Rules / Important Information (Registration)
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Dear Public,

From now on ALL registrations are turned off. If you wish to register you must email me the forum owner and I will manually register you for the forum. I am doing this due to spam bots and such trying to get into the forum and not stopping registering and this will put a end to it. Also, everyone who sends a email will have it reviewed twice a week so you will get in on either Wednesday or Saturday. We want our community to be strong and not have all the bots trying to get into it. We want to keep our user information secure. We also want to make sure the real people get into the forum who want in it.

The email to send the information below is: support (AT)

Subject of email: User Registration

Are you 18 or over?
Why do you want to be apart of our community?
Forum Rules / Re: New Updated Forums Rules
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Also  to add to the rules due to some minor issues on posts.
The following topics are FORBIDDEN to talk about in the forum or you face a ban.

Forum Rules / New Updated Forums Rules
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Welcome to The Birth Fetish Forum

We are very open and welcoming to everyone who has this fetish or is curious about it. If you have any questions or want to ask before you register outside of this rules post you may email the forum owner (ME) At support @

You must be 18 years old or older to register as this is an adult website.
You may not harass others or publish links of the following areas outside this forum without owner permission.
  • The File server
  • The usernames of others who are apart of the forum without their consent

All content must be legal with people who are 18 years old or older in the links you publish because this is a paid forum and not a free one we must obey all US Laws in regards to this. In order to keep the forum afloat.

Rules may be subjected to change at any time.