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Hello Public Users,

In order to get on this forum due to spam you need to EMAIL my email on here and I will make sure I approve you asap. My email is listed below or you can have a member message me on here about it. This is the only way to get in for sure. If your username or email seems like a spam one or IP Range is similar to a spam one you may be rejected. Sorry for any inconveniences but it matters to keep the forum safe. Also if it is found out you are leaking info and links from our forum without the posters permission and you leak the logins to our file servers you will be banned and never allowed back in.

If you want to get in and such feel free to email me: fishy9890 (@)

NOTE: Any temp addresses to avoid spam will not let you get in because we do not send spam and you can turn off the emails from getting them.

In order to avoid and get around this please email me with the name you are registering under and the email if you wish to. We do try to work with most users in terms of things. We do realize some people hide the fetish. We just do not have it as an often occurrence.
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