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Discord Server Rules
Discord Server Rules

1. No cursing at each other or using vulgar language.
2. Do not talk about abortion, rape, periods and things like this as this is not the place for it.
2b. Talking about periods as a female being on one themselves is fine. But other contexts may not be allowed. It is a per CASE basis.
3. Do not post anything underage or questionable content (anyone below 18)
4. Do not share anything outside the Discord or the forum (Unless you own the content or have permission to do so by the owner)
5. Do no share details about each other you may only share details about yourself.
6. Do not treat people in a way you find you would not like to be treated yourself.
7. Respect the mods/admin team. If you have any questions about things bring it up in the private submissions channel (Or Forum PM System here)
8. Do not join with more than one account unless given permission by a SERVER OWNER Ranked person.
9. Do not share screen shots outside this Discord for privacy as it is very important.
10. Do not cause arguments in the forum main channels or make others want to leave we are not a place to promote people being treated that way.
11. Do not disclose to others what is talked about in the gender ONLY channels making it be in the main channels etc as it is not needed. We have these channels to allow genders to talk without issues.
12. What the Server Owner rank says GOES as we have the final say. Mods and admins are to follow all the rules and act presentable.
13. Do not do anything that violates Discords TOS
14. If you have any issues with the server or users on the server come see us (Server Owners) first we are happy to help and will file reports accordingly with Discord)

*Rules may change at anytime so keep a lookout on this post as these are the OFFICIAL rules of the Discord*

Discord Links
Adult Content:
(If you are having Mental Health Issues please come to someone you trust or a mod/admin or another user you trust information at the link below)
Mental Health:
Roles of Admins and Mods on the Server:
Discord TOS:
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