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Forum Rules

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Below are the forum rules ALL USERS MUST FOLLOW THEM.

Users may NOT do the following on the forum at anytime:
1. No sending floods of emails to other users.

2. No posting so often within a certain amount of time to cause floods of emails.

3. Not mock or treat anyone how you would want to be treated not limited to.
A. Harassing others about the content they post.
B. Asking how they they found the content or how much they paid for it.
C. Not using common sense to treat people how they want to be treated like it is outside on the streets.

4. No posting content that is under the age of 18. Even cartoons count etc as they are basically the same in this regard and will get you banned and never allowed back on the forum. Plus the police can be involved and will.

5. You agree to abide by the US laws as this forum is hosted in the United States.

6. You will not try to get others to pay or mutually fund videos and such from others outside this forum unless approved by an ADMIN or MOD with an ADMINS permission.

7. You will not promote outside groups like Telegram or Discord without express permission of the ADMIN of the forum to avoid users abusing other platforms since they are not approved for the type of content fully.

8. Any resources offered by the ADMIN of the this forum are not to be shared on other platforms without express permission by the ADMIN since they are resources no one else paid for such as file storage solutions for this forum and content.

9. Use of emails that are not perm or fake that bounce back will be banned from the forum to reduce a bad reputation of the forum online. You can choose to disable emails from the forum in the settings.

10. If you require a email address from the forum and want one to avoid having issues and such we are happy to provide one provided you follow a different set of terms.

Terms can be modified at any time.

Three Strike Policy

All users have a three strike policy when it comes to this forum and resource abuse.
You will be given a strike or 2 or even 3 strikes if you do something bad enough while you use the forum. You will be unable to ever join the forum or register and use the resources of the site/s associated with the forum.